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One thing that keeps me going and growing 12 years into my farm tenure, is the network of farm women in our area, that I can lean into and draw inspiration from, share ideas with, and offer mutual support in times of stress and celebration. Whether it’s pears or people, we’ve been able to set up a strong underground root system and keep flexible shoots, in part because other farmers keep us propped up. I tried to capture this spirit in conversation as part of the In Her Boots Podcast with Lisa Kivirist, Eco-preneur, Author, and Director with the MOSES Rural Women’s Project.

I am grateful to Lisa’s storytelling ingenuity and keeping me on course (am prone to fruit tangents). Happy listening!

Today, we dig into how we can encourage and support more women farmers to step up to leadership roles. From skill sharing to supporting women farmers in Africa to volunteering for grant review committees, Erin inspires us to go beyond just participating in something and to take an active leadership role.


After a long, long winter, the sun was finally showing its face again and I had the privilege to join Sylvia with Bronx to Barn and Deep Roots Radio for a conversation on farming, on-farm research and learning from peers in Africa and at home. 

Listen in to the first of 2 podcasts on our farms' learning and traveling adventures Deep Roots Radio.


I invite you to travel with me again on Deep Roots radio for the second podcast in the series. This time to Senegal, sharing insights and lessons learned with other women farmers through the Farmer to Farmer program with the National Cooperative Business Association.


We look forward to future conversations and adventures with you in growing fruit, building communtiy. 

And a huge thank you to Sylvia for being such a gracious host...you can check her full range of podcasts on her website, or listen in every Saturday morning at 9 am to Deep Roots radio and explore a variety of topics on sustainable agriculture.


Listen in to Farmer Rob's Podcast sharing insights into our farming practices and more about FRESH, Farmers Raising Ecologically Sustainable, Healthy Food, a grower cooperative we are a part of.