Flowers from the Farm

Unique Bouquets Inspired by Nature,

Grown With Love Just for you!

Enjoy a Floral Feast from the Farm

We offer buckets of blooms for DIY and Custom, seasonally inspired Bouquets to illuminate your weddings, events, or per request.

Our flowers and bouquets are grown, designed with love from, and infused with the seasonal vitality, spellbound beauty that makes flowers from our family farm truly unique.

Infuse your day with Flower Love - Order your Custom Seasonal Flower Bouquets for any occasion.

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Buckets of bountiful blooms

Available late May - October. Seasonal and locally grown floral elements for you to arrange yourself. Each bucket consists of 50-75 stems in a balanced mix of flowers, herbs, foliage, and greenery in luminous colors, shapes, and textures -- everything that you need to create your own flower feast.

If you want lots of bigger flowers like sunflowers, peonies, dahlias, etc. please contact me as they are priced bunch.

We offer 2 types of DIY Blooms:


Designer’s Choice - you pick a color palette and we will fill your buckets with seasonal blooms of those colors. $85/bucket.

Grower’s Choice - we select all the flowers and colors based on what is looking beautiful and fresh on the day we are harvesting for your event. $75/bucket.


Why Flowers from the Farm?

  • Flowers are picked and conditioned at their best and grown to last in your vase.

  • You are supporting your local economy and have the benefit of knowing how your flowers are grown, by whom, and where.

  • Celebrate and learn with us through our Annual Brunch n Blooms events, and custom flower field notes and stories.

  • Flowers for the birds, bees, and humans! We grow for biodiversity in our fields and our bouquets.

  • Because everyone deserves a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

Meet your Farmer Florist

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I love sharing how flowers inspire me at our farm and have inspired, delighted, confounded, forgiven, and wowed us through the ages and have been doing so as Hilltop’s Farmer Florista for the past 11 years. As a farmer I can be myself and continue to learn how to be in the world. What I have learned is that art and heart are often left out of the food and farming conversations where policy, research, and formal education hold sway. Flower farming is way to bridge these worlds and bring more beauty into our day in a way that speaks to suspending judgment and just enjoy the moment. Flowers soften the edges of our meeting spaces, balance the science and day to day needs of production with love and celebration. It's quite a regenerative and humble place to be immersed in—all this flower power moving through the landscape. My hope is that the flowers we grew for you this season helped bring more beauty and balance to your day.

A Season in Blooms

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Support Sustainable Practices

our flowers are grown for you and our pollinator friends

our flowers are grown for you and our pollinator friends

We work with and are inspired by nature to grow our flowers and extend this commitment to our bouquet design. We do our part to be kind to the Earth and 'first do no harm'.

Flowers and herbs paint the farm landscape, bringing both beauty and balance while serving a variety of ecological functions on our farm- as food for our honeybees and native pollinator friends, as pest managers and companion plants, to illuminate the landscape with color and beauty, and to provide for a diversity of culinary and medicinal uses.

Green floral foam: We don't use it and never will. That stuff is not biodegradable and it contains formaldehyde.

Vases, jars, buckets, ribbons, etc. We try our best to reclaim and reuse as many supplies as possible from our harvest buckets to our vases used for our CSA. The same is true for ribbons and fabric. We're happy to use a sentimental piece of cloth from your wedding dress or re-purpose that old table-cloth from your grandma's kitchen. We also use 100% compostable burlap coffee bags, sourced from Just Coffee Co-op in Madison, that when sized accordingly, make for great bouquet wraps and ribbons. For our CSA, we use quart sized mason jars and instead of swapping out your veggie box, we ask CSA members to swap out your vases. Thrift stores, flea markets, curb-side recon, and dumpster diving: it's all part of the job and our commitment to re-using, recycling, and re-purposing when possible.